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Families & Relationships

Our Family & Relationship services support families during challenging circumstances and times of transition through a mix of individual and group-based activities.

Families & Relationships Services

Children’s Contact Services enable children of separated parents to have safe contact with the parent they do not live with, in circumstances where parents are unable to manage their own contact arrangements, through facilitated changeover, supervised visits, off-site supervision, supported monitored visits, telephone/ internet-based supervision, unsupervised on-site visits, conduct appropriate referrals and reports to court.


The Aboriginal Men’s Programs aims to improve mental and physical wellbeing of Aboriginal men through the delivery of cultural camps, workshops, education and individual support. Empowering our men, through learning and experiences, empowers them as individuals to go and teach the next generation.

Understanding culture will bring greater expectations of knowing the kinships that are very complex in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

A return to culture, including the new Didge Program, are a strong focus to help men be strong leaders, family members and role models in our communities.


The Men and Family Relationships program helps improve the health and wellbeing of men and their families by providing tailored services to develop and maintain positive family relationships at all stages. Through one on one support, counselling, education and activities emphasising men being present and engaged. Self care, positive relationships and community involvement are the main achievements of this program.

There is an ongoing need for men to receive focused individual and family support due to the social, emotional and financial barriers.

The Men and Family Relationships program is funded by the Department of Social Services – FaRS Family Support Program and is a male centred, family focused engagement program for individual and family support.


The CatholicCare Wilcannia-Forbes Regional Family Dispute Resolution program aims to reestablish positive and productive relationships between separated parents to ensure their children are cared for, supported and nurtured. Equitable property settlement support can also be provided to ensure both parties can have financial security.

Children have the right to spend time with both their parents and the RFDR Program is a resource families can draw on for support at times of separation.

Services such as Family Dispute Resolution, funded by the Attorney General’s Department and managed by the Department of Social Services can make significant differences for families – assisting them to resolve conflict and focus on shared care of their children.


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