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Our Community

CatholicCare Wilcannia-Forbes serves the western 52% of NSW (414,398 square kilometres)

In 2021-22, CatholicCare Wilcannia-Forbes supported 4269 people.

Our teams provided 22,308 sessions in 2021-22.

Last year we held 228 community events

Almost 40% of our clients identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander

Last year our dedicated team delivered 314 playgroups and 906 people attended

We supplied 6481 nights of emergency accommodation and continue to work to find real solutions for safe and affordable housing

Our Family Mental Health Support Service Team provided 4155 individual support sessions in 2021-22.

Raymond Thorpe won our inaugural Art Prize with his painting Platypus Waterholes

Free family movie nights are popular events in our communities

We support and attended events across Wilcannia-Forbes Diocese