Our Parent Child Services support parents and families in creating supportive and nurturing environments that enable children to grow up healthy, confident and resilient.

  • The FamilyCare Program targets families with children up to the age of 18 through parenting education, peer support groups, supported playgroups, home visiting and school readiness programs.
  • Target Earlier Intervention Programs provide a mix of activities for families with children aged 0-8 including parenting education, supported playgroups and intensive family support. 
  • The Aboriginal Families As Teachers Program is a home visiting program that helps families create learning rich environments in the home. 
  • Communities For Children targets families with children aged 0-12 through the provision of intensive family support, parenting education, school holiday and after school activities, disability-focused education for parents and children and community events.

Parents & Children Services

Aboriginal Families as Teachers

The Aboriginal Families As Teachers Program is a home visiting program which helps families create l...


FamilyCare’s primary purpose is to improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of children and...

Young Children

Targeted Early Intervention (formerly Families NSW) provides a mix of activities for families with c...

Communities for Children

Helping vulnerable and disadvantaged families with children from birth to age 12 is the key focus fo...

Aboriginal Family Health Strategy

This program was created to help women and men, their children and extended families who are impacte...

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