Our Vision

Our Mission

Inspired by our Creator, the CatholicCare Wilcannia-Forbes team is committed to a mission of:
Empowering the individuals, families and communities of western NSW, by enhancing their social, economic and emotional well-being and strengthening their networks of support.

Our Vision

The CatholicCare Wilcannia-Forbes team share a vision of communities imbued with a spirit of justice, where there is tangible respect of:

  • The sacredness of all creation
  • The dignity of each person
  • The inherent right of all to participate fully in our co-creative mission

Our Values

  • Respect for the dignity of human life and for each person
  • Respect and celebration for the culture of others
  • Responsibility for the stewardship of creation
  • Solidarity and a shared responsibility for our most vulnerable
  • Equality and justice for all
  • Interdependence, community and the common good
  • Subsidiarity – placing ownership and responsibility with community and allowing them the primary role in the decisions that affect their lives
  • Honesty and open dialogue with all stakeholders within a spirit of collaboration, partnership and probity