Our Diocese

Diocese of Wilcannia Forbes

The Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes is geographically large and diverse. The diocese includes twenty two parishes in an area occupying half of the state of New South Wales.

More info: http://www.wf.catholic.org.au/

Bishop’s Office

15 Johnson St, Forbes NSW 2871

Ph: 6853 9340

Email: chancery@wf.catholic.org.au


Catholic education

Faith, Learning and Transformation in Jesus Christ


Called to the mission of Jesus in Western NSW, and with respect for the traditional ancestors of this land and the generations that have gone before us, Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes continue to provide excellent opportunities for the education of our children. Though separated by distance and isolation, our parish schools remain connected through our Catholic faith and by the deep appreciation of the beauty of the natural environment that surrounds us.

In active partnership with parents, our parish schools offer quality teaching and learning, which enables the education of the whole person. It is in this partnership that our schools are called to a strengthening of their Catholic identity by a renewed evangelisation through God’s grace and the work of the Holy Spirit. In this way we are drawn into a deeper and more intimate relationship with God, and so participate more sensitively in the mission of Jesus Christ.

Given the moral and ethical contradictions in our world today, and the apparent loss of traditional family structures and parish connections, we hold fast to the message of faith, a gift from God, that provides the foundation for Catholic education. Linked in mission and purpose, Catholic schools in our parishes are resilient in spirit. Forming authentic communities of faith, they find their justification, inspiration and measure in the person of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Our parish schools are committed to a communion and intimacy with Jesus Christ, for he alone can lead us to the love of the Father, in the Holy Spirit. In essence, our schools are part of our parish Eucharistic communities which educate in communion with the whole Church.  They are places of prayer, prophetic imagination and zeal, justice, Christian witness, discipleship, hope and love.

Statement of Faith

Our schools are communities of faith, learning and transformation 
founded upon the person of Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life,
where the gospel is proclaimed and lived 
within the communion and the rich Tradition
of the Catholic Church

The diocese currently operates 18 primary schools across western NSW.

Secondary schools

Red Bend Catholic College

More info: http://www.wf.catholic.edu.au/

15 Johnson St, Forbes NSW 2871

Ph: 6853 9300

Email: ceo@wf.catholic.edu.au

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